These are just a few of our ongoing lines of raised garden beds along with some additional products we produce to enhance your back yard.  We have our own refined lines and are open to building customized raised garden beds based upon our clients desires, tastes and budgets.  All of our lines are built with cedar and we don’t skimp along the hardware used to assemble them.  As mentioned on our home page, they are fully assembled but can be delivered or shipped in kit form for those that desire to save money on shipping or delivery.  

As of all of the lines, additional dimensions and features are accommodated.  Custom requests are welcomed!

Rustic Style


This is a hot new line of raised garden bed styles created, a very popular choice for people that want a natural decorative look.  Each piece is different.  The one shown is 3′ x 2′ x 1′ bed size, trim will change that as the wood is tooled within it’s natural grain which vary per board.

X Pattern trim garden bed

$100 with bottom

$90 without

Taking things further along trim elaboration, this is a very popular choice, the trim is both decorative and creates additional strength and depth to the garden bed.  Showing a couple of 2′ x 2′ x 2′ lines.

Elegant style elevated raised garden bed.


A large, robust garden that can be placed anywhere, look great, perform ergonomically well and can grow a great variety of crops.  The  legs are carriage bolted into the all cedar stock and extra key reinforcements put into place in the bottom and structural areas.

Shown models are 3′ wide, 6′ long, 30″ tall.

2′ wide, 4′ long version, $140

Classic style elevated raised garden bed.


This is a great style of garden bed that has both budget and functionality in mind, but when we say budget, it’s still over the top.  Being elevated along with decorative, this is a line that is very proven for being practical and beautiful.

Shown model is 2′ x 4′ x 1′, elevated 2′.

Elevated vine garden line


This is an ornamental and practical small elevated raised garden bed.  Complete with the trellis’s built quality, style and innovation.

Shown unit is 2′ x 4′ elevated 2′ off of the ground. Trellis adds another 3′ to the height.

Premium line


These are the heavyweights of our lines. It’s base construction is comprised of 2″ cedar stock, with a decorative beveled 2×4 cedar top rail.  This line has a unique system that allows to be easily assembled and moved through carriage bolts holding the main assembly together.  The rest is secured using premium outdoor screws.

Dimensions: 4′ x 8′ x 21 1/2 ”

Triangle style trim add on


Another of our premium lines, as with the rest, base construction is 2″ cedar stock. We added a bit more finesse along the trim which helps give it a more finished and refined look. Picture is showing a custom size, which is a bit larger then the standard size for this line.  As with all we carry, custom sizes are easily accommodated.

Dimensions: 3′ x 6′ x 21 1/2″


For a bit more height with more bang for the buck, our 1″ cedar stock base construction lines are wonderful for those that desire the refined approach while keeping things within their budget.  These are popular since they provide the same volume for growing, and stock availability is not seasonal. These as with our premium lines utilize premium outdoor screws for assembly, and entail a 2×4 cedar decorative top rail along with corner trim.  Internal reinforcements are 2×2 cedar and a central cross-member is included to eliminate stress from the weight of the soil.

Dimensions: 3′ x 6′ x 2′


Along our 1″ cedar stock lines, this has additional trim that’s not only decorative, it makes it a bit stronger since it’s additional reinforcement helps to bind it all together.  Top rail is comprised of cedar 2 x4, beveled.  This as the others is assembled using premium outdoor screws and makes a nice compliment to be added along with our other lines.

Dimensions: 4′ x 3′ x 18″

$85.00 – $105.00

Along our mid range beds, shown are a couple of other sizes.  These are constructed using 1″ cedar stock, premium outdoor screws for assembly and 2 x 4 cedar top rail.  Going along these lines, they can be set together for an L shape pattern or stand alone.

Dimensions: Bed A, 3′ x 2′ x 2′, Bed B, 2′ x 2′ x 2′


For a more functional approach without as many frills, the 1″ cedar base stock is complimented with a 2 x 4 cedar top rail.  It’s joined together using a dove tail system and has a dual internal cross-member section. 

Dimensions: 4′ x 4′ x 2′


These styles of raised garden beds are popular for those that are on a budget, yet are discerning and do not want to compromise on the quality.  The base construction is using 1″ cedar stock, dovetailed together and screwed together as all of our lines with high end outdoor screws.

Dimensions: 4′ x 4′ x 1′ (shown)

4′ x 4′ x 18″ + $20

4′ x 4′ x 2′ + $40



Simple elegance, value and functionality, these all cedar raised garden bed designs are wonderful for those with limited space and budgets. Stencil patterns are no longer accommodated. These are very popular for those just trying out raised garden beds for the first time or have limited space to work within.

Dimensions: 2′ x 4′ x 1′


This is an amazing design with convenience in mind. The details added with the trim and rail are what makes this line stand out as well. This is  a great size shown for those that are wanting to try out gardening with limited space, have a great fresh series of herbs growing for cooking or a hobby garden that can be placed anywhere.


For a much more refined system, combining the best of the cutting edge tech we have refined over the years, this is an elevated raised garden bet line with options well ahead of it’s time.  There is more into this along the details, engineering towards it’s structure is unprecedented.  Showing the 3 foot by 6 foot version, trellises included in the design.

Just a sample of our pricing showing some of our range to get an idea upon.  Custom sizes are welcomed!

All shown here are only indications along sizes, features, options and general pricing extended.  They are a shown to be an indication of the general price and feature structure, of course one can order any with what is shown originally, but it’s all meant to be a starting point and what to expect upon.  This is rough stock, raw cedar and saying so, each piece has it’s own unique character, grain and look.