The Rustic line

Taking creativity to another level, the rustic look is in and applying it to our raised garden beds is a natural hit!  Each piece is hand crafted from unique stock, it’s a combination of following along what the grain of the wood is and how it’s formed to working with it in the process in order to get a more natural look.  Smoothing it off loosely gives it a driftwood type of finish as well.

Sizes currently shown are on the bed base 3 feet long, 2 feet wide, 1 foot tall, the trim extends that based upon the piece for obvious reasons.  These can be created technically with unlimited sizes, 6 foot maximum lengths individually is ideal though along the larger sizes but longer sizes individually can be accommodated.

Current price that’s extended on a limited basis is $40.00 per raised garden bed of this style and size.  Shipping out of the area for these is also an option for an additional fee as well.

These are functional art pieces that will add character to your yard in a unique way.