Getting just the right garden beds custom tailored towards your needs.

Each client has their own tastes in style, space, features, budgets and needs. The products and gallery show just a few examples of what can be created for you, none of them are restricted towards any specific size yet there are of course optimal specifications that are recommended to maximize everything working within the stock we build with.

There are some things along most lines that are worth considering:

Side base stock, 1 inch or 2 inch.

Stock thickness changes things along budget and availability, 1 inch stock requires more reinforcement for larger spans yet is practical for most small sizes of garden and flower beds. Two inch stock is substantial and more furniture grade type of material for those that are thinking 40 years or more rather then the 15-20 years the 1 inch stock garden beds are designed to last.

Features standard and add on’s:

Top rail, 1 inch or 2 inch type stock thickness, this is a practical option for those that are looking for a more finished look.
Trim on corners, these are a nice addition to cap off the ends.
Trim on top and bottom edges or added extra trim and features, giving that more refined picture frame type of look.
Open bottom or closed, permanent locations the open bottom is best unless the soil is poor. Elevated off of the ground or not and how high if so, this is a popular option for the those that have difficulty leaning down.

The garden beds are all fully assembled unless requested otherwise! All of our raised garden beds can be converted to a kit form too if so desired. We do offer simple to put together kit systems for the Country style lines as a regular option as well.

For now, look at the dimensions along what works best for your application. Measure out the area you want to have your garden bed in that fits optimally. The sizes and styles we have created in the past are always malleable, but as stated prior, stock that’s supplied to us to build with has it’s own optimal dimensions to work with. Give yourself plenty of walk way between your garden beds and other areas you will be needing access to, 2-3 feet, is a rule of thumb. Taller garden beds do require more soil but are more convenient to tend the plants in, also elevated ones on legs do the same along with are portable.

From there, contact us for a quote upon your configuration, we will work with you to fine tuned to what works best optimally, also taking note the sizes shown are already what have been popular in the past.

Also of course for what is shown, just pick the model and we will write up the invoice, set up the payment and delivery date and it’s always a smooth process.

Your garden is supposed to be fun and enjoyable in all phases and we strive to make it so upon this section upon it! This can be very simple and easy, it can also be something you need help with more refined and sophistication, it can also be something you absolutely need an expert and visionary upon to help get accomplished. 🙂

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