High end raised garden and flower beds for all budgets and tastes. Innovation meets functionality through all of our lines.
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* All cedar construction, built with pride in the pacific northwest.

We ship nation wide!

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A division of Espresso Outfitters, which is a company that has an over 20+ year history for creating innovative, high end product lines that range from food service to general construction.  We take pride in everything we create and the finesse to the overhead, expertise, to all around business experience sets us apart from our competitors.  Our company's reputation precedes us and we have earned a respected position in the business community.  Originally based in Seattle, we have chosen the Vancouver and Battle Ground Washington area for it's unique setting and support infrastructure. 

Since we are already used to shipping nation wide, it's simple enough to do so with our raised garden bed lines.  We also work with private contractors for more main stream construction projects, from decks to finish carpentry and more.  Our strategies insures that we are not dependant upon any one product line, we also are in tune with seasonal requirements consumers are used to.

Feel free to contact us and convey what your needs and desires are along the garden beds and our other lines we have to offer.  We assure our clients that they are dealing with a trusted company that is here for the long term, building business relationships with our clients and suppliers, while creating a positive, upbeat outlook.

Gardenbeds.org a division of Espresso Outfitters
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