High end raised garden and flower beds for all budgets and tastes. Innovation meets functionality through all of our lines.
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* All cedar construction, built with pride in the pacific northwest.

These are just a few of our ongoing lines of raised garden beds along with some additional products we produce to enhance your back yard. We have our own refined lines and are open to building customized raised garden beds based upon our clients desires, tastes and budgets.  All of our lines are built with cedar and we don't skimp along the hardware used to assemble them.  As mentioned on our home page, they are fully assembled but can be delivered or shipped in kit form for those that desire to save money on shipping.  We ship nationwide and partnered up through Freightquote.com with no mark up so that are clients are paying exactly and only the shipping charges. We also crate in house to insure everything remains in tact from our shop to your door step.  Volume orders receive a discount, we have two shop locations in order to accommodate any size of production.

Rates and prices are not current via. 2022 realm and to be frank, hard to keep up with along material costs. Contact us for any of our lines for the current ones.

$275.00 + shipping
This is one of our premium lines of raised garden beds.  It's base construction is comprised of 2" cedar stock, with a decorative beveled 2x4 cedar top rail.  This line has a unique system that allows to be easily assembled and moved through carriage bolts holding the main assembly together.  The rest is secured using premium outdoor screws.

Dimensions: 4' x 8' x 21 1/2 "  Click on image for a larger view.

$220.00 + shipping
Another of our premium lines, as with the rest, base construction is 2" cedar stock. We added a bit more finesse along the trim which helps give it a more finished and refined look. Picture is showing a custom size, which is a bit larger then the standard size for this line.  As with all we carry, custom sizes are easily accommodated.

Dimensions: 3' x 6' x 21 1/2" Click on image for a larger view.

$150.00 + shipping
For a bit more height with more bang for the buck, our 1" cedar stock base construction lines are wonderful for those that desire the refined approach while keeping things within their budget.  These are popular since they provide the same volume for growing, and stock availability is not seasonal. These as with our premium lines utalize premium outdoor screws for assembly, and entail a 2x4 cedar decorative top rail along with corner trim.  Internal reinforcements are 2x2 cedar and a cenral crossmember is included to eliminate stress from the weight of the soil.

Dimensions: 3' x 6' x 24" Click on image for a larger view.

$90.00 + shipping
Along our 1" cedar stock lines, this has additional trim that's not only decorative, it makes it a bit stronger since it's additional reinforcement helps to bind it all together.  Top rail is comprised of cedar 2 x4, beveled.  This as the others is assembled using premium outdoor screws and makes a nice compliment to be added along with our other lines.

Dimensions: 4' x 3' x 18" Click on image for a larger view.

$85.00 - $75.00 + shipping
Along our mid range beds, shown are a couple of other sizes.  These are constructed using 1" cedar stock, premium outdoor screws for assembly and 2 x 4 cedar top rail.  Going along these lines, they can be set together for an L shape pattern or stand alone.

Dimensions: Bed A, 3' x 2' x 2', Bed B, 2' x 2' x 2' Click on image for a larger view.

$120.00 + shipping
For a more functional approach without as many frills, the 1" cedar base stock is complimented with a 2 x 4 cedar top rail.  It's joined together using a dove tail system and has a dual internal cross-member section. 

Dimensions: 4' x 4' x 24" Click on image for a larger view.

$40.00 + shipping
These styles of raised garden beds are popular for those that are on a budget, yet are discerning and do not want to compromise on the quality.  The base construction is using 1" cedar stock, dovetailed together and screwed together as all of our lines with high end outdoor screws.

Dimensions: 4' x 4' x 12" Click on image for a larger view.

$65.00 + shipping
Back to our more premium base 2" cedar stock, this includes a robust trellis which is designed to handle a great deal of stress for plants that require support.  Those that grow grapes and other plants that require a stronger support system will find this to be a very adequate system.  The trim is decorative and makes the design stand out from the rest.

Dimensions: 44" x 19" x 43" Click on image for a larger view.

$240 + shipping
To show a variation along our premium lines, these beds are constructed using 2" cedar stock, external 2 x 2 cedar stock reinforces the assembly and adds a decorative approach to them.  Top rail is 2 x 4 cedar.

Dimensions: 4' x 8' x 21 1/2" Click on image for a larger view.

$35 + shipping
A cute approach towards flower beds, each is hand stenciled and painted to compliment the flowers grown.  It's trimmed out with cedar and has a bottom with drain holes, also is has lower rails on the bottom so can be placed on your deck or patio. Plants and soil not included.

Dimensions: 26 3/4" x 10 1/2 x 9 1/4 Click on image for a larger view.

$10.00 + shipping
This is a simple all cedar herb and flower bed that can be placed anywhere.  It's smaller so doesn't take up as much space and can be joined together to form a larger system.  These are very economical to ship (as mentioned erlier, we ship nationwide for all of our lines) and have a removable bottom, complete with drain holes and lower rails to allow for proper drainage by keeping it off of the ground and is assembled using premium outdoor screws.  Plants and soil not included.

Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 7" Click on image for a larger view.

$30.00 + shipping
Simple elegance, value and functionality, these all cedar raised garden bed designs are wonderful for those with limited space and budgets. Stencil patterns are no longer accomodated. These are very popular for those just trying out raised garden beds for the first time or have limited space to work within. They are assembled using high end outdoor screws.

Dimensions: 2' x 4' x 1' Click on image for a larger view.

Custom shapes welcomed!
We don't shy away from any shape or design that exists in the industry, including taking on more sophisticated patterns and concepts.  Improving the surroundings, particularly with having something not ordinarily found reflects upon the home owners unique tastes and desires. 

We also are expanding into building outdoor kitchens and custom grills, to complete back yard transformations.  Check back soon as we showcase them here.

Just a few other lines we have developed in the past to show some of the diversity our company is geared towards producing, we will be adding to these sections significantly soon. Click on the image for a larger view.
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